7 Secrets of Attracting New Customers and Retaining Old Customers

In business, what do you think is most important? Yes, customer. It’s no secret if the customer has indeed become one of the most important things in the business world. Because these customers are the ones who make our business survive and continue to grow. Maybe you are curious about what the secret to attract new customers. However as an entrepreneur, of course you want to know how to get new customers while retaining those old customers who are already loyal. Because after all, we shouldn’t just focus on finding new customers and forgetting our loyal customers. So, what is the way we can capture new customers while maintaining the loyalty of old customers? Here are some ways you can do it.

1. Maximize Social Media

Social media is not only the right tool for promotion, but can also be an effective secret in capturing new customers and greet loyal customers. To attract more customers, expand the network by utilizing various social media. Think of it as the secret to attracting new customers like a spider’s web. If the net is stronger and wider, of course the greater we can get the opportunity to catch prey in larger numbers. But, you must always update the social media that you use to do business. This is done to ensure that you are still in the social circle of clients or customers. With this, you can also remind customers that you are there. So when they need a certain product, they will go to your store, not to competitors.

2. Don’t Forget Networking in the Real World

Yes, you really need to maximize networking or networking in cyberspace through social media. However, that does not mean you forget about networking in the real world.
Try to search, whether the customer you meet is a previous customer or they are indeed someone we already know before. The secret to attracting new customers and keeping loyal customers is to keep building good relationships in the traditional way. By meeting people, we will also have a wider network. So, make friends with these customers and never forget to bring a business card wherever you go. If we have a good relationship with customers, it is not impossible if we can get new customers from them. Because we cannot underestimate the power of “word of mouth”.

3. Apply Different Marketing Strategies

In carrying out marketing strategies, it is better not to get stuck with the same strategy all the time. Try to use marketing strategies that are not the same. For example, you can use marketing strategies that include the use of new technologies such as e-mail marketing. You can try sending the newsletter also through the company’s email to be sent to the customer’s email.Then, try to use marketing strategies in the long run without forgetting any markers or milestones every month. With the secret of attracting new customers, find a marketing strategy that you think is most suitable for the business that you are living. However, after finding a match, that doesn’t mean you don’t try to create another strategy.

4. Look for Business Partners

One of the quickest strategies to capture new customers is to find and find a business partner who can help our business. Maybe before you also often see this phenomenon in business. That is when two companies work together to advertise their products. Even the acquisition can be regarded as a form of business cooperation. However, this acquisition can be considered as a form of strong cooperation. So, find the right business partner and success together in business. Because in the secret of attracting new customers, too tightly competing will only open doors for other business people. For example you can work together in terms of distributing shopping vouchers or shopping discounts. In this case, for example you give a shopping voucher or discount to a business partner to share with customers who buy the product or service.So, if a business partner’s customer buys a product or service at a certain price, for example, they will get a shopping voucher at your place. This can be an effective way to hook new customers.

5. Create a Discount or Giveaway

The next secret to attracting new customers is to make discounts and give gifts or giveaway.
Try to remember again when you last offered a discount or special offer to customers? From now on try to give customers regular discounts, giveaway or other special offers. You can use certain times to give discounts. For example, on holidays Many businesses provide discounts or other special offers to capture new customers and retain old customers. So why don’t you try it too?

6. Create Competitions and Prizes

Apart from offering discounts, making competitions or prizes can be another strategy for getting new customers. One example of the secret to attracting new customers this way is to create a competition for our customers to promote our business on certain social media like Instagram. For example, customers are asked to share a promotional post and tag their friends. In addition to retaining existing customers, you can also get the opportunity to capture new customers this way.

7. Re-check the Product Report

You have traveled various ways but it turns out that the desired new customers never come? This might not be because the way you did was wrong, but rather the product that you are offering right now is still not right or cannot attract customers. If this is the case, the secret to attracting the right new customers is to re-examine the database and see if there are any errors regarding the product you are offering. If you are not sure what the problem is, you can do a survey or ask for customer feedback after they make a purchase transaction. To make it easier to request customer feedback Developing companies also often use this method to find out people’s evaluation of the products and services provided.

By knowing what customers and society expect from our products, we can easily determine what kind of quality improvement is right for the products and services we provide. Now those are some secrets that you can practice to attract new customers without forgetting to keep old customers. However, if you feel that doing the 7 things above one by one will take a long time,With this feature, you can optimize the use of a consumer database to inform them of the program or promo that you want to live. Thus, information dissemination will be faster and more efficient in terms of time.