Challenges Parent Face In Their Son First Year In School And How To Tackle Them

With many changes in a child’s life, school enrollment marks the beginning of a critical new stage. Your child gets to know and makes new friends in a new environment. The daily rhythm is changing for parents, too, and new tasks and tests are being added. There are a few tips to motivate your child and make sure that the transition to daily school life works efficiently. BritainReviews illustrate different kinds of challenges and how you can avoid some of these challenges.

Practising The School Way

Parents should begin practising with their children on the way to school. Usually, school is much longer than the way to kindergarten and often involves new challenges, such as crossing a significant crossroads. Parents should frequently draw attention to the potential hazards on the way to school, sensitize their child to them, and practice the right behaviour. Even before the first day of school begins, kids should go to school and come back home independently.

When practising, parents should pay attention to these points:

  1. Practice repeatedly on the way to school, 1-2 times is not enough on anything you want to te
  2. Selecting the least hazardous route to school
  3. Children still do not have an overview of road traffic due to their low altitude.
  4. Other traffic participants quickly overlook children
  5. The communicated rules help the child to move as safely as possible in traffic.
  6. Discuss unexpected circumstances on the way to school, such as finding classmates across the street or a ball rolling down the road.

The Autumn/Winter Season Tips

It would help if you read about infant clothes companies reviewsto select clothes for each season. In the fall and winter months, you can buy eye-catching clothes (reflective stripes, bright/coloured clothing, or warning vests) so that the child can be seen in fog and darkness by other road users.

It is also necessary to equip the school bag with reflectors and an orange or yellow warning surface.

Creating new positive behaviour: everyday new life for parents and children

Parents should tell their children what a typical school day is like to adapt to it quickly. For long periods, children in kindergarten are not used to sitting quietly and listening. It must be explained and practised to them. It is essential to clarify why kids cannot simply call or walk around in the classroom. It also means that they must follow new rules and complete some new tasks for the kids.

Furthermore, children can no longer concentrate on what they want to do instead of following the timetable. The new reference person is their class teacher, but the kids will also get to know other subject teachers in their first school year. During school time, the child should listen to what the teacher says. Kids can even speak with the teachers in case of problems. By sharing exciting or funny memories, parents should provide their child with a positive impression of the school.

Important in physical education

  1. Being able to spell his or her name
  2. Know how to count the numbers from 1 to 10
  3. Be able to dress and undress independently; they can go to the toilet.
  4. Use scissors to cut out images and glue them to paper
  5. The ability to colour
  6. The ability to tie shoes
  7. Be able to recognize one’s possessions and keep them clean
  8. For relaxed writing, the pen must be held correctly.

Before the first day of school, what should parents practice with their children?

  1. Allocate small household tasks so that homework can be done.
  2. Talk loudly and clearly in practice